7 Chinese Brothers
Larry (Jason Schwartzman) is not a likeable guy. In fact, his only true friend is his dog, Arrow! The ambitionless, inebriated slacker constantly finds himself fired from one lousy job after another, and while he manages to maintain frequent visits with his grandmother (Olympia Dukakis), they are not without a purpose! When Larry isn’t hitting her up for cash, he’s trying to score pills from her male nurse Major Norwood— who hangs out in bars with Larry to pick up women. When Larry finds new employment at a Quick Lube, he’s immediately smitten with his supervisor, Lupe, who appears to be a more interested in Norwood. Can Larry keep it together long enough to win the girl and avoid losing her to Norwood?
Jason Schwartzman, Olympia Dukakis, Stephen Root
Bob Byington