It's predictable and a little bit ridiculous, but After The Ball is a lot of fun.

In this fractured take on Cinderella, talented aspiring fashion designer Kate (Portia Doubleday) starts work at the company owned by her father (Chris Noth) only to discover that her stepmother (Lauren Holly) and stepsisters are bent on sabotaging her career and the entire fashion house.

When she's fired, she seeks the help of an actor (Carlo Rota, channelling Stanley Tucci) so she can disguise herself as a guy and go back to work at the company as designer Nate. The prince in the story is shoe designer Daniel (Marc-André Grondin) - yes, a glass slipper does figure - who's got trust issues.

Doubleday, appealing as clumsy Kate, is not all that convincing as a man, and there's more than a little sexism in the portrayal of the not-so-bright stepsisters. But writers Kate Melville (Picture Day) and Jason Sherman serve up some zippy one-liners, which makes for a refreshing change from other dreary Telefilm-funded scripts.

Think of After The Ball the way many of us approach a high-end fashion mag, as a guilty pleasure