Ah, the impetuosity of youth.

Paper Year opens with Franny and Dan, in a state of near delirium, tying the knot at city hall.

Franny’s mom Joanne (Andie McDowell) can barely contain her horror.

As the newlyweds embark on life together as husband and wife, it soon becomes clear that the challenges are far greater than they anticipated.

Franny (Eve Hewson) quickly lands her dream job as a television writer while Dan (Avan Jogia), a budding actor with few prospects, lands a six-month gig housesitting (and dogwalking) for an actress who’s off to a foreign shoot. The wedding party the couple never had will have to wait. Franny soon falls under the sway of an older writer on staff while Dan wiles the days away with readily available online porn.

Writer/director Rebecca Addelman has crafted a story of gentle drama that smacks of authenticity, chronicling — as the title suggests — the couple’s bumpy first year of marriage while casting two appealing young actors in the lead roles. A surprise revelation provides provides an apt and satisfying conclusion.

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