Is there anything wrong with being a euphoric visionary artist? That question cuts to the essence of “Touched With Fire,” Paul Dalio’s extraordinarily sensitive, nonjudgmental exploration of bipolar disorder and creativity. When Marco (Luke Kirby) and Carla (Katie Holmes), poets with the condition also known as manic depression, meet at a group-therapy session in a mental hospital, their emotional combustion undercuts any available treatment.

Together, they adopt a you-and-me-against-the-world attitude and embark on a mind trip fueled by Marco’s science-fiction-worthy interpretation of the mystical connections among things. They build an impenetrable fantasy of themselves as displaced otherworldly beings and parents-to-be of a yet unborn miracle child.

The manic phase of a bipolar cycle often produces a sense of omnipotence and infinite possibility that can feel so wonderfully exciting that patients often stop taking their medication. “Touched With Fire” only tangentially deals with the depressive phase, when a patient can become catatonic and suicidal.

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