Starring Dan Abramovici, Jessica Embro, Jim Annan, Rob Baker and Craig Brown. Directed by Mars Horodyski. At the Carlton, Kingsway. 14A

Simple charmer Ben’s At Home makes the most of an uncomplicated premise about a modern-day hermit making connections via the digital world.

Dan Abramovici (who co-writes with director Mars Horodyski) has a pleasing hangdog look about him as Ben, playing a likable everyman who turns turtle after unexpectedly seeing his ex-girlfriend at his 30th birthday party.

Figuring the best way to avoid future heartache is to make sure it can’t happen again, Ben decides he won’t leave his home. Ever. Happy to share his days with his dog and sourcing a new at-home career, Ben turns to online sources to have everything from food, to friendship and dates arrive at his door. The lifestyle grows on him quickly.


Dan Abramovici and Jessica Embro have onscreen chemistry in Ben's at Home.

His buddies (Jim Annan, Rob Baker, and Craig Brown) are hardly happy that Ben is stubbornly refusing to leave the house, ditching all his social responsibilities as one guy’s wedding approaches.

But Ben digs in. One of his regular food deliveries is made by sassy Jess (Jessica Embro) and he’s interested. But how will she react when she realizes a rare night in is in fact going to be the norm?

Embro and Abramovici have solid onscreen chemistry and that, along with a pleasing score, help elevate this low-budget indie. But although Ben’s At Home only clocks in at 70 minutes, some scenes feel too long. That’s especially true of a foosball tournament with a hypercompetitive online date (Inessa Frantowski) and an awkward video game sequence where repeatedly hollering at another player that he’s “a vagina” becomes the ultimate put-down.

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