Starring Sean Bean, Patrick Sabongui. Co-written and directed by Jason Bourque. Opens Friday at Carlton Cinemas. 91 minutes. 14A

Sometimes the geopolitical becomes personal.

That’s the premise of a nifty thriller by Canadian filmmaker Jason Bourque.

Sean Bean plays family man Neil Wistin, a CIA consultant who literally holds the joystick while missile-armed drones wipe out enemies of the U.S. in far-off lands from a lofty height.

But collateral damage happens, as we see when two women are inadvertently killed in Pakistan. A year later, a mysterious foreigner on a mission arrives in Wistin’s hometown.

The story is divided into the two sections, the first giving up a close-up look into in the Wistin family’s troubled lives. Part two unfolds when Imir Shaw, carrying a briefcase, expresses an interest in buying the sailboat in the Wistin family’s driveway. Neil is so pleased, he invites the man in for dinner. A deadly game of cat and mouse ensues.

The performances are solid all around, especially Patrick Sabongui as Shaw.

The end result is a suspenseful and satisfying thriller that forces the audience out of its complacency to confront some painful truths about the toll of conflict.

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