The work of another Jacques Cousteau, another ecological hero who first brought oceanographic issues to our attention is celebrated in Wonders of the Sea 3D, narrated by none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger.  As former California governor and now a private citizen, Schwarzenegger says he cares deeply about the ocean and earths ecosystems and wants people to get involved to save them. Cousteau’s son Jean-Michael takes us on an intimate voyage beneath the sea to meet its inhabitants with his children Celine and Fabien who are also marine ecology filmmakers. Stunning images are now possible courtesy new technology that allows visual capture of microscopic beings in all their glory. In Fiji we see the creatures who make up coral, waving plant fields that are actually animals, graceful predators grabbing at food, alien creatures like the Christmas Tree Worm and Basket Star, all diverse and unimaginably beautiful. There are 500-pound clams that live a century, peculiar looking warlike spiders, and fish brighter than rainbows. It’s incredible to watch and most worthy of an afternoon’s viewing with the family.

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