Madame features an American couple played by Toni Collette and Harvey Keitel (he’s everywhere) live in style in a Paris apartment. They’re out of love but are kept together to uphold their carefully crafted image of a wealthy and artistic power couple. The day they’re throwing a très chic party for international guests, Madame learns one can’t attend and blows a gasket.  She will NOT have thirteen people at her table so forces the maid played by the intriguingly gorgeous Rossy De Palma to pose as a Spanish aristocrat. Maria gets drunk and enchants a British art dealer falls; her confusion has turned into total confidence, like Cinderella when she put on the glass slippers and went to the ball. Madame’s furious that she’s stolen the limelight and the affection of the Brit, and devotes herself to destroying their romance.  It’s a fun feel good farce about the least expected things that change our lives and the nitwits who try to wreck ‘em.  Collette’s never been more horribly funny.

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